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Our studio is back with in-person classes or you can still take advantage of live-streamed Tang Soo Do and family fitness classes along with private lessons.

With excellent instruction, a library of continually updated video clips, and the opportunity for social interaction, we have what you and your children need to remain active and healthy!


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At The Edge we deliver outstanding martial arts instruction, renewing and enhancing the traditional martial arts experience.  With limited enrollment and smaller class sizes, you will experience a personalized training environment as you grow your skills.

Customer Testimonials

I am a public school teacher and I am so impressed with the instruction my daughter receives here. She is taught how to handle different situations on the playground. He does it by making sure they don’t have to use their skills learned here. They only use it as a last resort.  My teenage daughter is also learning how to channel anger and she has begun thinking before she acts out. This is a great place to learn many kid skills. Plus it’s fun for them.

Melody D

We were looking for a martial arts class that really focuses on that self-control and strict discipline kids that age require to teach them how to have a blast while also being respectful and calm. A few of our neighbors are in this class and had such great things to say, and just a couple of weeks in it has exceeded any expectations. Master Prager calls the kids out when they aren’t focusing and keeps them in line (which is EXACTLY what I wanted) – the class is so amazing.

Grace M.

I highly recommend this studio!  My 4-year old son started in the Little Dragons class and quickly advanced to the Juniors class.  Master Patrick Prager is a knowledgeable and incredibly gifted teacher.  As a mother of 3 kids, I’ve been exposed to many teachers through school and extracurricular activities and every now and then, we come across someone special who knows exactly what each student needs and how to get them to become that best that they can be.  Master Prager is one of these teachers!  My son loves going to class.  The curriculum is excellent.  The professionalism is top-notch, while still conveying a warm and welcoming environment.

Karen F.

Master Prager is the most amazing Sensai in town!!! We brought our two boys (age 7 and 6) here after trying out another “popular” dojo. Hands down, it was THE best decision for us! Our boys loved every moment of their time with Master Prager. He is truly gifted at giving all of his kids excellent instruction that they are able to follow and replicate with precision… and properly, I might add, which I found they were not able to do at the last place. 

Joyce A.

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