Why Tang Soo Do?

Because Tang Soo Do is extremely versatile, combining both self-defense and self-discipline resulting in a fit body and sharp mind.

Modern Self-Defense

Though it has roots in traditional eastern martial arts, American Tang Soo Do has evolved and adapted to become a modern self-defense system. In addition to traditional forms, our students will learn a variety of striking and grappling techniques that prove useful in street self-defense when taught appropriately. Our curriculum incorporates techniques from Judo, Hapkido, and grappling from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, making it a true mixed martial art.

Sparring is an important part of every martial arts curriculum, but at The Edge we teach safe practices and encourage students to learn and improve together. While Tang Soo Do is an individual pursuit, students train together in a team environment, including within our sparring sessions.

Master Prager places great emphasis on making classes safe, engaging, and enjoyable, while still teaching technique that will prove effective in reality based self-defense scenarios.