Our Philosophy

At The Edge Martial Arts, we believe that you can go from good to great by changing your mindset.

We know that a fit body and sharp mind go hand in hand for success. Drawing on research about the relationship between grit, a growth mindset and success, we teach students how to integrate the building blocks of courage, resilience, tenacity, self-discipline and integrity into both martial arts and life.  


The ability to persist in order to achieve, even when the work seems dull or repetitive. Includes understanding the value of determination and practice and being willing to put in the required effort in order to succeed in mastering difficult material.


The ability to respond to setbacks by considering what went wrong, trying again, investigating new approaches, and rebounding.


The ability to manage habits and mindset.


The willingness to take risks, face down fears and respond to challenges with a daring spirit.


The willingness to honestly examine one’s strengths and weaknesses, and work to maximum capacity.