Why Choose The Edge

At the Edge Martial Arts and Learning Academy we know that martial arts training and the development of a mindset of mastery are an unbeatable combination that can produce a fit body and sharp mind.

What is The Edge?

It’s a mindset made up of courage, resilience, tenacity, self-discipline and integrity. Some might call it grit. We call it the self-confidence and assurance that comes from mastering something difficult.

At the Edge we believe that martial arts training and the development of a mindset of mastery are an unbeatable combination. Students become part of a community of committed martial arts students gaining a level of grit, determination and resolve that they did not know they possessed, resulting in a fit body and sharp mind.


Why Choose The Edge?

Because it is focused on development of both martial arts skills and a mindset of success, The Edge promises excellent instruction, a well-developed curriculum and personalized attention. The Edge does not seek to be the largest martial arts studio but seeks to offer the highest quality experience.

This is accomplished through:

Tang Soo Do

Teaching American Tang Soo Do, a rigorous and modern martial art.

Customer Service

Delivering outstanding customer service in a clean modern facility.

Excellent Instructors

Excellent instruction led by a master who understands the art of teaching and coaching, not just the mechanics of martial arts.

Small Classes

Offering small, intimate classes with time for individual instruction. When classes become too large, additional sessions are added.


  • This is absolutely the BEST place with the best activity you could put your child into to focus on working on self-discipline, control, respect, and following instruction. Master Prager is absolutely amazing!! Our 5 year old son started a few weeks ago and I couldn't be happier with how much he loves it, how much he has already learned, and honestly how much of an improvement and positive difference it has made in his overall behavior. Thank you so much for bringing such a great facility to our community!
    Grace M.
  • Patrick is kind and patient with the kids, but definitely keeps them in line. It's great and we couldn't be happier as parents. It's such a great place I ended up enrolling myself in the Brazilian jiu-jitsu program. It was super outside of my comfort zone - I had never done anything like that and as a late 30's mom I was afraid of really being awkward and out of place, but the exact opposite is true. The instructor, James, is patient and helpful and everyone in the class has been extremely friendly. There's no "bro" vibe or anything like that. It's just a really safe place to come in and suck at something and learn to suck a little less each day.
    Heather B.
  • I joined The Edge 6/17. This is the best Martial arts studio I have ever attended. Mr. Prager is a great instructor and is always very fun to be around. He is great at teaching discipline, technique, listening skills, self control, and self defense. Since I joined the studio, everything has improved: my self defense, technique, listening, and even sparring and grappling. He also taught me how to use my first weapon, the bowstaff, which I feel very confident using, thanks to him. As a member of the Black Belt Club, I am able to participate in assisting younger students. I highly recommend The Edge if you are looking for a great martial arts studio.
    Jasen J. 5th Gup green belt 11 years old
  • Our son has really enjoyed karate here and Master Prager is very talented, good at what he does and does it with ease. He is great with the kids and whether he has an assistant or not, can manage up to 14 kids and be positive with them and keep them all in line. We hope to see our son move up the ranks here! We didn’t have the best experience at one of the other martial arts schools in the area, so we were pumped when we found this one. Can’t say enough good things about it!
    Maureen W.
  • Who knew I would start martial arts at 50 yrs old? After seeing how good Master Prager was with my 7 yr old son, I decided it would be something we could learn and grow in together. Now here we are, 10 months later, and going to the studio is one of the highlights of our days. my son like nothing better than to point out where I could be doing something better, lol. Oh, mom started too so now it's a family event. I highly recommend reaching out to Master Patrick Prager and having your child try ar 1on1 session with him. it could change their (and your) world in and positive way.
    Rick R.
  • Master Patrick Prager is a phenomenal instructor. He teaches so much more than self-defense, emphasizing important life skills, such as focus, integrity, and discipline. Our 7-year-old son was not interested in any sort of physical activity. We had tried every sport we could think of, and he didn't like any of them. That is, until we enrolled him at The Edge Martial Arts. He has now been practicing Tang Soo Do for over 8 months, and not only does he still love going to classes 3 times a week, but he actually practices at home without us even asking!
    Voldi W.
  • Master Prager is the most amazing Sensai in town!!! We brought our two boys (age 7 and 6) here after trying out another "popular" dojo. Hands down, it was THE best decision for us! Our boys loved every moment of their time with Master Prager. He is truly gifted at giving all of his kids excellent instruction that they are able to follow and replicate with precision... and properly, I might add, which I found they were not able to do at the last place. Although we had to take our boys out because we've moved to the Southbay, we are extremely grateful to him for the time we were able to spend as part of his dojo. Our boys still walk around the house doing all of the things they were taught and their favorite remains "Appreciation Form." If you are in search of a perfect place for you or your children, THIS IS IT!!!
    Joyce A.